Exception reporting  “Exception reporting refers to the potential removal of these patients from calculations of practice achievement for specific clinical indicators. … Practices may ‘exception-report’ (i.e. omit) specific patients from data collected to calculate QOF achievement scores within clinical areas.”    
Primary CarePrimary care services are the first point of contact in the healthcare system and include: general practices, community pharmacies, dentists and optometrists (eye health).
Quality outcomes framework (QOF) “The Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) is a voluntary annual reward and incentive programme for all GP surgeries in England, detailing practice achievement results. It is not about performance management but resourcing and then rewarding good practice.”


ACAAmerican Correctional Association    
BM / BMDBenchmark / Benchmarked   
CCChronic Conditions 
CFCorrectional Facility   
DBSTDry blood spot test 
DOCDepartment Of Corrections   
EB(M)Evidence-Based (Medicine)   
FW Free World   
HC / HCP Health Care / Health Care Provider   
HEDIS Healthcare Effectiveness Data & Information Set    
HJIP Health And Justice Indicators Of Performance  
IOM Institute Of Medicine   
JCAHO Joint Commission On Accreditation Of Healthcare Organisations  
MH Mental Health    
NCCHC National Commission On Correctional Health Care  
NCQA National Committee For Quality Assurance   
NIH National Institute for Health (USA) 
NICE National Institute For Clinical Excellence (UK) 
NIHR National Institute for Health Research (UK) 
NUM/ DENOM  Numerator/ Denominator   
OIG Office Of The Inspector General, California    
ORG Organisation   
PM Performance Measure(Ment)   
POPN  Population   
QI Quality Indicator   
QIM  Quality Improvement  
QOF Quality Outcomes Framework  
 ROTL  Release On Temporary Licence