Meet the Team

The Qual-P Project Team

From left to right:

Robbie Foy, Nat Wright, Krysia Canvin, Sue Bellass, Marie Cunningham, Kate McLintock, Tracey Farragher, Bridget Gill, George Charlesworth, Laura Sheard

Sue Bellass

Research Fellow

Sue is the full-time researcher on the project which means she does the bulk of the work! It is Sue you will meet if you volunteer to do an interview.

Laura Sheard

Principal Investigator

Laura is the lead researcher on the project, which means she is responsible for the whole thing! Laura is based at the University of York but is seconded to Leeds one day a week for this post.

Robbie Foy

Principal Investigator

Robbie is joint-lead with Laura. He’s a GP, spending one day per week at a local practice and the remaining four days at the university.

Nat Wright


Nat is also a GP but he works in prisons. He’s also Clinical Director for Spectrum CIC (a health services provider to prisons).

Tracey Farragher


Tracey is based at the University of Manchester and will be taking care of all the complicated statistical analysis.

Krysia Canvin

Programme Manager

Krysia is managing the project and trying to make sure everyone does their bit on time. If you have a comment or query about the project, contact Krysia.

Marie Cunningham


Marie’s day job is in NHS Health and Justice commissioning.

Kate McLintock


Kate is also a GP who works in prisons.

Bridget Gill

PPI partner

Bridget is Charity Manager at Spectrum People, a micro-charity based in Wakefield.

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